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Youth Crime Charges

Youngsters under the age of 12 do not receive convictions for criminal offenses, while in other circumstances; minors between the ages of 14 and 18 can be tried in adult court under the Criminal Code of Canada for especially heinous criminal offenses, generally violence-related.

Unlike the misconception lots of youths, a charge sheet from youth court is not immediately removed once the young adult turns 18. As a matter of fact, the young adult needs to wait between 2 and 7 years from the moment their youth sentence expires, and also he or she need to remain out of problem during this time around, in order for their youth court record to be removed.

The Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) is meant to fix criminal tendencies via rehabilitation, as opposed to punish behavior, unless it is evaluated to be needed. It is up to the courts to discover an equilibrium between the interests of the youth and the passions of the general public in each case. Prior to a sentence, it is unlikely a youngster will be preserved in detention, unless they were deemed to be a threat to the public.

If your kid has been accused of a criminal activity, it can be a frightening and challenging time for the whole family.  The prosecution will certainly seek to apply a sentence that they really feel will certainly create the teen to take responsibility for his activities, but this can be quite subjective. Your tee could have been in the wrong place at the incorrect time, falsely accused because of a misconception or had other intentions than what resulted.

It remains in your child’s best interest to talk to a professional, competent criminal lawyer in Toronto. If your child is facing Youth Crime charges, they are relying on your assistance – to offer them the very best feasible chance of a future. Get in contact with our criminal law firm so you could plan a defense that will look safeguard your kid’s rights, and any effect on their future.

As dedicated, sincere as well as caring criminal legal representatives, we bring you years of experience as well as an excellent record of success to protect your rights. Our objective is to clear your name with no record and also no jail time. You are not alone – we will certainly help and also support you for a second opportunity at life.


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